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How I Lost Weight by Eating Chocolate Every Day

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This is not clickbait. I really did lose weight by eating chocolate every day. But it may not be in the way that you think.

If you were hoping you would finally discover the magic chocolate bar that melts in your mouth as it melts off the pounds, I hate to inform you that it still does not exist.

So, what does the title mean then?

Well, I have to give you a little backstory first.

Four years ago, I had many health problems, and food addiction was one of them. I had already overcome the worst phase of my bingeing problem, but I was still far from being in perfect health.

I was actively trying to lose weight, but I kept finding myself in a vicious cycle. I downloaded the healthy eating plans, purchased all the required ingredients, and got super stoked about making a positive change to my diet.

I promised myself I would stick to it, until I couldn't take it anymore and ended up stuffing my face, nay, my soul, with unhealthy foods. Cookies. Sushi. Pizza Pockets. Chocolate. I ate until I was disgustingly full.

Then I promised myself I would never do that again.

And then I did that again.

This cycle continued on and on, more times than I can count, until I realized that "pacing myself" could help get me out of it. Shifting my mindset from "I'm going on a temporary diet" to "I'm making a permanent healthy lifestyle change" made me realize that it's ok to consistently have some chocolate.

And that's how I came to the conclusion that I should have one chocolate bar every day.

The first few days after the mini-binge (I say "mini" because it doesn't compare to how much I would restrict and binge before) I did not want chocolate. I would have been totally fine without it. But I made myself eat it anyways (while the rest of my diet was healthy but not overly restrictive of course.)

As the days passed, I was definitely craving junk food again, including my beloved vice, chocolate.

So I ate the bar and successfully forced myself to stop after eating the one bar. I promised myself that that would be non-negotiable, and I stuck to it. I certainly wanted to consume far more than one, but having one was easier than having none.

The cravings would come and go, and come again, but eventually my body became ok with having one chocolate bar a day. That means that eventually I would not crave more after eating the one bar.

Overtime, my mentality towards food also shifted. It became something to enjoy slowly, in the present moment, rather than something to anxiously consume as if I would never see it again.

I continued to follow the same "you must eat one chocolate bar every day" rule, but this time with healthy dark chocolate bars. This was hard because 1. I hate dark chocolate and 2. It didn't give me the sugar fix I was looking for.

I used it as a crutch since my goal was to eventually stop eating sweets all together. And just like the first time around, the cravings came, and the cravings passed, until they came again.

I stuck to eating the dark chocolate every time I would crave milk chocolate, until the cravings eventually passed.

As you can guess, I eventually (slowly) weened myself off the dark chocolate bar support system, and my hankering for sugar satisfaction came to a halt.

The results?

Mental clarity, increased happiness, increased confidence, and of course, weight loss were all the positive effects of this chocolate bar method.

If you're trying to lose weight, maybe this method could help you too.

Take care,

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