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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Friends

Hello beautiful soul!

I recently realized that I've spent the past while thinking about how badly I wanted to make some new friends but just didn't know how.

Until it hit me that I totally forgot about having the law of attraction on my side!

You can use the LOA to manifest anything you desire, and friendships are not excluded from that list.

I felt so silly that it never occurred to me to consciously use the law of attraction to make some new friends, but I think that's because it's something that's much less talked about amongst conscious manifesters.

Every video I see and every question I read is always about the car, the house, the money, and the lover, so sometimes it makes me forget that we can use the law of attraction for so much more than that.

The simple answer to the question of how to make new friends using the law of attraction is to find good feeling things in others.

When you say you want to make new friends, it is implied that you want to feel good. You want to be around people that make you feel good. You want to be around people with qualities you like. You want to be around people that you can have fun with.

So in order to attract people that make you feel that way, you need to emit the same vibration as those people.

You need to find a way to have fun and feel happy on your own, so you emit the vibration of happiness. And, you must also find things you like in others until it's a really active part of you. Once you do so, the law of attraction cannot deny you the friends you seek.

The key is that you cannot have any split energy when thinking about the friends you would love to have.

If you worry about things like, "will they like me?" or "will they leave me?" then you are not offering a pure, happy, vibration, and you'll attract a mix of good feeling and bad feeling friends.

Manifesting good feeling friends is no different than manifesting a lover. State your intention to the universe, find things to love in those already around you, and the universe will bring you more to love.

In order to do so, you might want to create 2 lists; 1 list explaining how you want your new friends to make you feel, and another listing one good quality in everyone you know.

The first list is like putting in your order to the universe, and the second one will help you cultivate the feeling of fullness and gratitude, which will help you attract the new friends you desire.

Remember, as long as you're noticing the absence of what you want, it cannot come. Emit the vibration of satisfaction and the universe will bring you things to be satisfied about. Emit the vibration of noticing what's missing, and the universe will bring you more things that make you feel like you don't have enough.

Before wrapping it up, I'd like to throw in one tip that really helped me feel less lonely and attract the best in others, plus new friends. Maybe it could help you too.

For a long time I was feeling very lost and lonely because I spent so long surrounded by people who didn't have the same interests and values I did. I started to feel convinced that I was the only person like me and that I was meant to be forever alone. On top of that, the people around me really made me feel like I had to suppress who I was to fit in, so I started hiding who I truly am.

Then I started using YouTube to my benefit.

That may sound silly, I know. But hear me out.

YouTube is full of content creators that cover all sorts of topics, including tons topics that I'm really interested in. From the law of attraction, to travel and dance, to relationships and femininity, it turns out that there are plenty of people displaying the personality traits and beliefs that I was made to feel I had to hide.

Watching these people made it feel safer for me to be myself because I was now assured that I was not a freak for being who I am-just because some people around me made me feel that way. And, I was now 100% sure there were others out there like me. I just hadn't found them yet.

Funny enough, some of these Youtubers that I really love happen to live in my very own city, so it turns out that likeminded people are always closer to you than you may realize. As Abraham Hicks said, " your desires are ready to pop out of nowhere." You just need to align with them of course.

Remember that you cannot align with the people you're meant to be with while you're hiding your true self.

You need to align with your soul to come into alignment with your soul family.

If you don't, they won't be able to recognize you.

I hope you find some wonderful friends and start to enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer.

Take care,

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