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How You Can Speak to Infinite Intelligence

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

If there's any piece of exciting information I wish I had sooner, this is certainly it.

Did you know that you-yes, YOU, can actually speak to infinite intelligence itself?

There are three ways to do this, and fortunately, I'm here to inform you of all three.

Before I let you know what they are, let's just make sure we're on the same page about infinite intelligence-even though the definition is pretty much in the name itself. lol😉.

Infinite intelligence, simply put, is all knowing energy. It can also be referred to as source energy, or the group of entities channeled by Esther Hicks-which goes by the name Abraham. (If you'd like a deeper understanding of who/what Abraham Hicks is, I suggest reading this article where I give an in-depth explanation.) Some people may even call it God or Allah. The point is that infinite intelligence is universal energy that has the answer to any question you could possibly conjure.

Exciting, eh?

So here's how you can talk directly to infinite intelligence:

1. Abraham Hicks in person workshops

Esther Hicks hosts tons of workshops around the world, including a bunch of Abraham Hicks cruises where she offers seminars for people to ask Abraham (the all knowing group of entities she channels) their questions. If you attend one, you raise your hand when she says so and then Abraham picks someone to have a seat on stage, where they ask their question into the microphone. The discussion continues until the person is satisfied with the answer, so it's not like a one and done type situation. It's a full on conversation. If you're interested and seeing where and when these seminars are scheduled for now, click here.

2. Abraham NOW

Lucky for us, if you'd like to attend an in person Abraham Hicks workshop but are unable to, you don't have to. There's another website called Abraham NOW where Esther Hicks offers the seminars online. I've personally attended 6 thus far, and I absolutely love them.

Each workshop lasts 2 hours and costs 49 US dollars to attend. It's a live broadcast but it's saved to the website and forever available for you to access when you please. Once enrolled, you are able to send in one question via written or video format. And if you do so make sure you send it in by 4 pm central the day before the broadcast; submissions are disabled after this time.

I'm glad the organizers have changed the format because it used to be that you would send a question through email, and there was no limit to how many you could send. I'd imagine that they were bombarded with emails and certainly didn't get to all of them. However, even with the new system where there is only one video and written submission allowed, keep in mind that there is no guarantee your question will be answered. That said, every workshop has been full of useful questions and answers that I learned a lot from, and although I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit frustrated when my question didn't get picked, I don't regret spending the money. Abraham mentioned in one of the workshops I attended that they choose the questions based on what will be most useful to all of us if they have more than they can answer within 2 hours. (I suspect this is usually the case since there isn't a limit to how many people can enroll.)

3. Channeling

You can channel infinite intelligence yourself.

In fact, anyone can.

Esther Hicks is not some superhuman being that has abilities that you don't. Abraham can come to each and every one of us if we allow them to, but because of the limiting beliefs that have been engrained in our minds since a young age, most of us resist it. If you could get to a feeling place where you were consistently in the flow state and intended to speak to Abraham, or have Abraham speak through you, it would happen.

Channeling can be done both through speech or writing. Some people refer to the writing method as automatic writing-which is actually how it first happened for Esther Hicks. And she wasn't even a spiritual person who consciously sought out connection with higher knowing. Funny enough, she actually shared that she didn't want to be "the weird lady" and was never interested in anything remotely spiritual/esoteric. Either way, it won't happen until you get into the flow state where you allow the entities to speak to or through you.

I hope you found this information as helpful and exciting as I did when I first discovered it.

Take care,

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