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I Manifested a Cookie...Right to My Door!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hello beautiful soul! I'm back at it again with another fun success story.

This one began by watching a YouTuber that goes by Illuminating joy. She created a video where she shared her accomplishment of manifesting warm cookies right to her door, so I was inspired to do the same.

In her story, she disclosed that it didn't happen right away, and she really struggled to believe it would work, especially because she hadn't seen anyone in over a month due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, 9 days later, a friend texted her saying she had a treat for her, and dropped by with, you guessed it, warm cookies!

So, I set the intention to have a chocolate chip cookie delivered right to me. I didn’t know when or how it would happen, and I, just like Illuminating joy, had no idea how it would get here (since I was not in contact with anyone and was not leaving the house.)

About a week later my mom met up with her friend and when she came back my wish came true; she brought me a cookie. Turns out her friend bought some cookies from a bakery and gave my mom one to bring to me. It was a scrumptious, fresh, chocolate chip cookie from a nice bakery; it was my desire delivered in perfect form.

I hope this story serves as a reminder that you can have anything you desire, no matter the circumstances, and the universe will fill in the details and make sure your wish is fulfilled perfectly.

Note that I didn’t have to worry about telling the universe I wanted my cookie to be fresh and delicious and sanitarily wrapped. I didn’t worry about receiving a stale, dirty, bad-tasting cookie. I just stated my desire, didn't offer any opposing vibration, and my wish was granted perfectly.

I also hope this inspires you to get creative with the wishes you put out to the universe. I noticed that so many of the success stories we hear are always about the car, the house, the money, or the lover, so I feel like it makes us forget that there is so much more we can ask for. The universe is willing to play with you if you’re willing to play with it, so have fun and see what you can manifest.

Let me know if you tried manifesting a cookie right to your door and how it went. I’d love to hear your story.

Take care,

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