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Be Careful Using This Manifestation Method...

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Hello beautiful soul! You may or may not have already heard about looking your best every day as a manifestation hack. If not, don't worry, we'll go over the basics below.

Although it certainly can work, I'll be addressing why you may want to avoid using this method to attract wonderful things into your life.

How does looking good help you manifest better things?

Well, it doesn't.

But it can.

If you understand how the law of attraction works, you know that like attracts like, meaning we attract things that emulate the same frequency we do. In more basic terms, good thoughts lead to good feelings which lead to good manifestations, and vice versa.

So the trick with this method is that people tend to feel good when they look good, which emits the vibration of happiness and self-love.

Merely looking good will have 0

effect on what you manifest. The purpose of this method is to help get

you into a good feeling place, because anything that helps you feel better will help you manifest better things.

Here's the problem:

I hate the saying "you look good, you feel good" because: 1. that's only true in a society that believes worth and beauty correlate, and 2. looking good by today's standards often requires a lot of not feeling good.

I believe that telling people to look good so they feel better is damaging since it reiterates the idea that our worth depends on how we fit into society's current beauty standard (amongst other factors.) This could quickly lead to deepening the habit of associating our looks with feeling good, which means it will be harder to feel good when we don't look good.

Second of all, this practice could create an attachment to things because now the clothes, jewelry, hair products, and makeup products you own are all dictating how good you can feel. A much better way to manifest the life of your dreams is to practice non-attachment to things as that means you can feel worth, love, and happiness, no matter the circumstances.

Moreover, if you have to turn to practices that don't feel good in order to "look good" (I say in quotations since beauty is subjective) you're just gonna catapult yourself in the wrong direction. If you need to wear painful shoes, crush your waist with a corset, and not be able to live freely so you don't mess up your makeup, you'll spend more time lowering your vibration instead of raising it.

Funny enough, the best I've ever felt was when I was so immersed in doing things that felt good that I didn't even think about how I, or anyone else, looked.

Ultimately, the truth is that we are all worthy of love from ourselves and others, no matter how we look or what we have. Remembering this is far more conducive to feeling good and manifesting good than waiting to feel beautiful.

Take care,

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