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Manifestation Success Story: Last Minute Appointment

Hey beautiful soul!

I JUST experienced a successful manifestation and I wanted to come here to write about it in real time.

To give you the back story, I have a tiny little cyst beside my nose that's only really noticeable under certain lighting in photos, but either way, I decided I would rather not have it, so I called my dermatologist to make an appointment to remove it.

I called to book this appointment months and months ago, but unfortunately my dermatologist was fully booked until June 2023.

That's more than a year of wait time!

I kindly asked if there was any way they could squeeze me in at any time within the next few months, but they told me it just wasn't possible and that I would have to wait until the originally scheduled date.

I was bummed about this bad timing because for a long time, I had my heart set on booking a trip to Brazil this December 2022, so I could spend 9 months travelling the world while working remotely.

This means that if I wanted to go on my big travel journey, I wouldn't be here to get my little cyst removed.

However, since I knew I have the law of attraction on my side, I knew this wouldn't be a problem because I could just manifest an opening.

So I wrote in my manifestation journal that in my wildest dreams, I would get the dermatologist appointment before going to Brazil.

So here's where it gets exciting...

This morning, at 12:20 am on November 30th 2022, I had a random urge that I should write an email to the dermatologist's office to ask if they could call me if any cancellations occur.

For a split second I thought, "No, there's no point. They already said no."

And then I thought, "It's pretty late. I can just do it tomorrow."

But then I reminded myself that it's important to follow the intuitive impulses we get right when we get them. So I got up and opened up my laptop to send them an email.

Then, when I checked my email this morning, they answered me to get back to them ASAP because they had a cancellation for tomorrow, Thursday December 1st 2022, at 11 am!

What are the chances!!

As you can see in the picture below, I opened up my manifestation journal to put a checkmark beside the desire I had written down.

What I love about this story is not just that it can inspire others to trust that they can manifest appointments if they desperately need one like I did, but it also serves as a reminder for the importance of following our intuitive urges the moment we get them.

When we get an intuitive urge, it's important to act on it right away, because that's when the magic happens.

The random urges we get are guided by our higher-selves, spirit guides, Source energy, whatever you wanna call it.

So make sure you don't neglect the importance of following your intuition if you want to see your desires come true!

Moreover, this story is a great example of how trusting in divine timing always works out for us.

I set the intention to get an appointment before my trip so long ago, and I trusted that it would happen for me when the timing was right.

I didn't have to anxiously email and call the office every day, anticipating that I would eventually get a spot if I was persistent.

All I had to do was set my intention and let it go, and then at the perfect time, my intuition spoke to me, and I listened to it.

And then it all worked out.

And it will all work out for you too if you just let go and trust.

Take care,

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