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Manifestation Success Story: The Perfect Pants

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Manifestation stories serve as a reminder of the unique and creative ways of the universe, and give me faith in obtaining what seems impossible.

That's why I adore both reading and sharing them.

In due course, this short story is surely nothing short of inspiring...

On a regular weekday afternoon, I was hanging out with my university friends at my house on campus.

All our classes were done for the day, and we were chatting up a storm as per usual.

While discussing cute outfits, I happened to mention that I really wanted a black pair of high waisted pants. After all, everyone had them, and they were the perfect staple item that was missing in my wardrobe.

Notably, I did not mention or think of my desire again, and continued enjoying my time with my friends.

About an hour later, my friend Amelia came over and told us there was a campus free store that she wanted to check out; our university created a store where any student could drop off unwanted items for other students to pick up for free.

All you had to do was flash your student card and you could take whatever you wanted.

None of us knew exactly what it was, but we thought it was really cool idea worth checking out, so off to The Free Store we went...

If you could have seen The Free Store, you would agree that there was nothing appealing about it at all.

It was in an old, rusty Ottawa home that belonged to the university, and it was well organized with a bunch of junk.

Imagine a thrift store with more low quality items, packed into a dreary two-storey home, and you got the point.

The "store" was full of random kitchenware, memory foam, knick knacks, clothing, and accessories.

We hovered through the store, closely examining the miscellaneous collection of items.

While walking through the clothing section, we noticed that there were actually a handful of pieces that were quite nice.

"Why would someone not want this?" Amelia said as she pulled out a beautiful blue sweater.

"No clue," I replied. "I guess they just got bored of it."

We shuffled through the clothing section some more, and as I advanced back towards the entrance, a black pair of pants caught my attention through the side of my eye.

They were thrown overtop of the clothing rack, seemingly out of place, but right on my path.

I picked them up and felt compelled to take them home.

Since there were no changerooms in the "store" I wouldn't know how they fit until I got home and tried them on.

So we moved along and decided we were done with our mini venture, and went back home.

I tried the pants on as soon as I got home, and I was over the moon.

It was as if the pants were made for me.

Their material was comfortable and flexible, but they didn't look like those horrendous wannabe jean leggings.

There were no weird designs sewed on, and the colour was perfect.

The length was just right.

They hugged my hips and shaped my butt, while the waistband was loose enough to avoid a muffin top, but tight enough to remain hoisted sans constant tugging.

Moreover, the top cut off at the perfect spot, just below my belly button, AND THEY HAD POCKETS. Back and front.

I really hit the jackpot!

I have spent countless hours of my life trying on pants, searching for an acceptable pair.

Lord knows how many hours I've spent in American Eagle changerooms, just to be let down and spend too much money on jeans that were just okay (since I desperately needed a pair.)

And yet here were the most perfect pants, gifted right to me, on the path of least resistance.

I didn't have to search for them or even spend a dime.

What's funny about this whole experience is that I didn't even realize how I manifested the pants until a while later.

I was not consciously trying to manifest anything when I stated my desire, nor did I mention any specifics. I simply stated my wish for pants, and the universe took care of it, in its most satisfying form.

But this makes sense since we are manifesting our future all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.

Upon reflecting on this cute experience, I have gained a deeper appreciation for not having everything go the way I think I want it to go.

If I had found the perfect pants every time I went to the mall, I wouldn't be sitting here with a charming story to share, or another reason to trust that the universe has my back.

It is so much more fun to let the universe lead you to the things you want in unimaginable ways, than to just get what you desire on demand.

Ultimately, as cliché as it sounds, life really is about the journey.

If there's anything you take away from this post, I hope it's this:

You don't have to orchestrate everything on your own. Let the universe handle it and you'll be better for it.

Cheers to getting back onto the path of least resistance and enjoying all it has to offer.

Take care,

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