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Proof of "Impossible Manifestations"

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We live in a universe where anything is possible.

Using the law of attraction, we can manifest whatever we desire if we get to the right vibrational place.

As encouragement, these mind-blowing realities will prove that what you have thought to be impossible is indeed possible.

Get ready to get blown away...

In no particular order of importance:

1. The 4 minute mile

In 1954, Roger Bannister was the first (recorded) person to have ever ran a mile in under 4 minutes. This was previously deemed impossible, yet after he proved it could be done, 4 more runners broke the 4 minute barrier just 1 year later.

To this day, thousands of people have successfully ran 1 mile in less than 4 minutes, which goes to show that we are capable than so much more than we think we're capable of.

2. The world's longest eyelashes

Remember how I said you can manifest anything you desire? That also applies to physical features. Nothing is off the table. Seeing this has inspired me to attempt manifesting longer eyelashes, as it has been proven that they can grow to be longer than you'd ever even want them to be!

You Jianxia, a Chinese woman, grew her eyelashes out to a whopping 20.5 centimeters. That's almost as long as a ruler!!

3. The man who died and came back to life

At age 28, a man named Scott Drummond had a ski accident that led him to require surgery on his thumb. During this surgery, the nurse responsible for his operation had never done a tourniquet before, which is why she forgot to close one when she opened the other, which led to Scott's death as it caused the blood to flow in the wrong direction.

Scott was pronounced dead for a long 20 minutes and came back to life to tell the story of what he saw and felt while he was dead. I repeat, he came back to life. And he even recalled seeing the nurse running out of the room yelling, "I killed him!"

And shockingly enough, he is not the only one! Turns out there are a handful of people who have died and come back to life, and recall similar experiences of being above their body, and seeing "the other side."

For example, some of these people are Charlotte Holmes, Colton Burpo, Mellen Thomas, and many more.

4. Healing the incurable through meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractic doctor with an interest in neuroscience, has dedicated years of his life to studying the mind-body connection. After healing his own crippling spinal injury with the power of his mind, he has researched and created meditations that help others heal the incurable.

There are thousands of people who have cured themselves with his meditations, such as a woman named Eefije who cured her chemo-resistant cervical cancer, Fatima who cured her endometriosis, Petra who restored her vision that was just at 5% functional before meditating, Max who regained some feeling in his paralyzed left arm, Loredana who restored hearing in her right ear with which she was born deaf, and many many more. I could actually write a whole book on all the medical miracles that have taken place, and not just by means of meditation.

5. The boy who gets paid for "nothing in particular"

Receiving money through unthinkable avenues is a popular topic within the manifestation community, and Morimoto Shoji, a Japanese boy who rents himself out for "nothing in particular" happens to successfully make money this strange way.

He's not there to entertain, give advice, or provide any sort of physical service. He eats, drinks, and gives short replies when spoken to. He advertises himself as able to do nothing in particular, yet people still pay for his services, at a rate of 95 USD plus travel costs. The people basically pay him to accompany them somewhere and listen to them when they speak. And he goes home with cash in his pocket! Amazing!

6. The mother who lifted a car to save her child

In 1982, Angela Cavallo, a mother in her 50s, mustered up the strength of 20 men to lift a Chevrolet Impala that collapsed on her son Tony, while he was fixing his car. Talk about summoning super strength!

7. The Chinese women who don't go grey

In the Chinese Huangluo Village, the Red Yao women often don't see grey hair until their 80s, if at all. They grow their hair past two meters long and only wash it in rice water, which they claim is the key to their greylessness. If it truly is the rice water doing the trick, I don't know, but the results are clear. Maybe try out only rinsing your hair in rice water for the next 40 years, and let me know how it goes? Lol.

8. The woman who won more than 5000 contests

Helen Hadsell, also known as "the contest queen," has used the law of attraction to win more contests than I have ever even considered entering. To name a few, she won an all-expense paid trip to Paris, Washington, New York, and Venice; a house, toy guns for her sons, 3 food mixers, and an outboard motor. She's won over 5000 contests throughout the course of her life. If you're interested in hearing more of her stories, you can read them here, in her book, The Name it and Claim it Game.

9. The 67 year old woman who conceived naturally

It is well known that by the early 50s most women have hit menopause, and even into a woman's 40s the chances of conceiving naturally are far lower than they were 10 years before, with the amount of eggs a woman has becoming smaller every year.

Well, Xinju Tian, a 67 year old Chinese woman has the eggs of a 40 year old according to her doctor. She conceived her baby naturally with her 68 year old husband.

Talk about manifesting the impossible!!

Their healthy baby was born via c-section, and she is not the only woman to conceive naturally into older age. There are actually tons of older mamas, but no one recorded has beat Xinju's record of natural conception at age 67.

10. The water-adapted people

The Bajau People of Southeast Asia live on boats and on homes built on stilts on the sea. They are very connected to the water and rely on it for survival. Shockingly enough, these people have adapted to be able to hold their breath for an insane 13 minutes, descend 20 meters to the sea floor without any equipment, and can control their buoyancy on the sea floor!! This means they dive into the water with a spear for fishing and literally walk on the sea floor to catch their fish, then swim back up. Talk about impossible!!!

11. The people who see clearly under water

Similar to the people listed above, the Moken people of Thailand have adapted to be able to see clearly underwater. No goggles necessary for them!

12. The man who can control his body temperature and defy hypothermia

If you don't live under a rock, it's quite possible you've heard of Wim Hof, aka the Iceman. He has trained his body and mind to be able to withstand freezing temperatures that would induce hypothermia in any regular person. He now teaches his method to others so they too can swim in crazy cold waters and walk naked through the snow.

13. Modern technology

Just to put things in perspective, I'd like to remind you that there are tons of items that we consider regular aspects of our daily lives, that were once deemed impossible. When Steve Jobs wanted to create smartphones, every one called him crazy. Everyone said it couldn't be done, yet here we are. No one thought the television, the automobile, or the phone would be successful, yet here we are. UM HELLO, people have been to the moon for crying out loud! And you don't believe in miracles!?

Anything is possible.


As Abraham Hicks said, the only reason we're not growing second limbs like starfish do is because we don't believe we can do it.

Cheers to manifesting the impossible. Come back to this article as inspiration whenever you need it.

Take care,

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