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How to Get Rid of Pimples Instantly (From Someone Who Was Covered in Acne)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

As someone who was at one point covered in acne, I had tried all kinds of products that claimed they would erase my blemishes.

From expensive special products to the cheapest drugstore items to even strange recommendations like Polysporin and toothpaste, nothing would make the pimples disappear (or even shrink for that matter.) I really tried it all, Proactiv included.

After I had already completed my 6 months on a high dose of Accutane, my dermatologist prescribed me Tactupump, which is basically a topical version of Accutane, to apply to my blemishes if I were ever to have one again.

This did make the pimples go away, but, annoyingly, it worked in a similar way as the Accutane; it first brought everything up to the top before the pimple would start to dissipate.

In other words, the pimple would get as big as possible before it would start to go away.

Fast forward to a few years later, and I had a foreign boyfriend who swore by tea-tree oil. On the rare occasion that I would ever have a blemish, he would say "You have pimple. You should put tea-tree oil."

Yes, he did really speak that way.

But I digress.

Once I finally decided to stop being so stubborn and just give the tea-tree oil a go, I was blown away at how well it worked.


I shared the news with my mom and the next time a spot appeared on her face, she was equally blown away.

So here's what you should know about tea-tree oil:

You can buy it just about anywhere, including Walmart, Wholefoods, online, or any health food store. I personally buy the Natural Factors brand from Healthy Planet; you can order the same one from Amazon here:

Secondly, you must be careful with how you apply it.

See, it has a bit of a "burn-like" affect. When you apply it, it creates a sort of light burning, tingly, fresh sensation, that goes away fairly quickly. (You'll know what I mean when you try it.)

So you can apply it directly on the skin, but make sure you're only applying it directly onto the blemish and NOT, I repeat NOT, all over your face.

I had a friend who told me someone recommended this oil to her once, and she was unaware of how to use it, so the poor thing slathered it all over her face.

She felt the discomfort to say the least.

Finally, you can apply it onto the same spot as many times as you need until it vanishes.

The second remedy I recommend trying is ice.

Holding an ice cube directly on top of a pimple will help reduce the swelling.

Your fingers will obviously get too cold if you hold it with your bare fingers. So make sure to wrap it in a clean cloth before you lightly press it against your skin.

I have personally found that using these two items together are the most effective way to get rid of a ginormous blemish.

(And bonus: it's a super cost-effective method)

First I would hold the ice on top of the big bump for a while, and then allow the tea-tree oil to do the rest.

If your pimple is not humongous, the tea-tree oil alone should do.

Take care,

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