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These Four Strange Hacks Help with Depression AND Manifesting

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Like a waterfall that flows into a river, our health and happiness are so intertwined with the experiences we manifest into our lives.

Since feeling better is all you need to manifest better, anything that pulls you out of depression will also provide you with better manifestations.

The following hacks won't necessarily cure your depression, but they certainly can help.

Without further ado, the odd methods that helped me feel and manifest better:

1. Cold showers

I've noticed that one of the keys to happiness is contrast and momentum. What I mean by this is moving energy and going through different feelings, and cold showers certainly help you obtain that. They give me that same dopamine kick I get out of working out, which I'm sure you'll feel too. When I'm feeling down there's nothing I love more than a long hot shower, but that allows me to relax and mope in stagnant energy-which does not help. If you feel depressed, commit to 2 weeks of cold showers and see how you feel.

2. A strict sleep routine

I'm blown away at how often this trick is overlooked. Having a sleep routine is vital to your mental and physical health. Couple this with cold showers and you'll get a major mood boost.

3. Decluttering

Just like cold showers, the act of decluttering gets energy moving, plus it gets rid of stuck energy and makes room for the new (and improved.) If there are any items you have with negative memories attached to them it's a good idea to let them go so you can make your home a happier place.

4. Redecorating

Similar to decluttering, redecorating helps in letting go of old energies and negative associations with your home. When I redecorated my room to match the life I wanted, it really helped me move on from a traumatic past and stop entertaining bad memories. I increased the amount of light, painted the walls brighter, got a comfy bed, and filled it with things that make me feel good, like a mini palm tree and a beach canvas. Adding anything in your home that puts you in a positive head-space is a great idea. If you want to start somewhere, I recommend making a vision board and purchasing artwork that makes you feel good.

I'd love to know if you tried any of these and how they worked for you. Drop a comment down below!

Take care,

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